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Josh continues his journey and seeks to become one of the greatest actors & film writers of all time. Hat by Nick Foquet

"The process never ends, it only gets better. The key to success is PERSISTENCE."

Josh Carmichael is an **Award Winning** Actor/Director. For over 28 years, he has been working in the entertainment business. Having won Awards for acting,  theater and directing (TV commercials and Film). Mr. Carmichael is the creative source and host of I'M SO VAIN Youtube show Carmichael Acting Studio and FeatherStone Films. He continues to work as an actor, writer, coach and speaks around the country. 

He grew up working with his hands and learning how to fix and/or make anything. His Father PETE (The inspiration for upcoming Feature Film "PETE") was a machinist and welder. His mother Karen, a stay at home loving mother who encouraged his art and expression. While serving in the US NAVY, Mr. Carmichael was scouted by FORD Models from NYC and began his career in the fashion world. Using his earnings to immediately pay for acting classes, like Circle in the Square and Jim Jenkins - NYC.  This eventually led him to a Hollywood Film audition in California and change his life. Josh has since published 3 books, completed 5 screenplays, 3 short films and has starred in over 175 National Commercials. 


My Life is a Movie, Where Everyone Else is Playing Me


BAD CAT (Romantic Drama/Feature Film)
Jimmy McCall (Josh Carmichael), is a steel worker in Ohio, when the loss of his wife forces him to face reality of raising his 15 year old daughter, while struggling to keep his job in a dying community. Luck would have it, after a bar room brawl, Jimmy is asked to step into the ring and fight for money. 

"I'm getting too old for this shit,"  Jimmy says to his trainer, as the ROCKY like underdog prepares for an upcoming fight.  **An intense dramatic drama that will bring families together and pull the heartstrings of Americans in their quest for the American Dream. Love, Battles and Honor from a man who has lost it all.

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Nov 26, 2019, 7:00 PM
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